Writing a good college research paper can become a real problem,

however, there are many tips you can use to make it easier. After many years of experience crafting excellent papers, we have finally figured out the ‘recipe’, if you may, of composing a paper that will not only impress your teachers, but you will be able to craft without a major hitch.

Crafting an impressive research paper without a hitch


This is perhaps the most important step into crafting your paper without any major difficulties. If you produce a solid plan, then the likelihood of you encountering major problems down the line is significantly reduced.

A plan creates a convenient framework for you to reference while you are composing your paper. Many times, students have a brilliant idea in their head about the next point they will write about, but when it comes time to write it, it is out of their head. However, when you have a plan to jot down all the ideas in your head, you will not encounter this problem, and save hours trying to remember that brilliant idea.

The best way to structure your plan is to tackle it paragraph-by-paragraph. This should create a condensed version of your final paper that is easy to follow and refer back to.

Another important aspect of planning is time management. Plan your schedule from the day you receive your task to the deadline, making sure to have specific dates by which you should reach specific goals of your paper.


This is perhaps the most important aspect of your paper. You need to gather great sources to refer to in you paper, which support your argument. Many times, students create good arguments, but fail to back up these up with the relevant sources, and thus score very poorly in their essays.

The best place to visit for good sources are journals related to your topic. These will have all the latest literature pertaining to your subject, as well as literature submitted in the past. Most journals require a fee to access, but this is well worth the investment.

If you do not want to pay for access to a journal, then utilizing Google scholar, a free service by Google, is also another excellent alternative.

Another alternative way to compile good sources is to visit your university’s library. Ask the librarian about literature relating to your topic. The reason why this is helpful is due to the fact that books can sometimes have literature that is hard to find online. It will also expand your knowledge and understanding of the topic.


The structure of your paper is vital. Many students think only the content matters when writing essays, but the structure is equally as important. Your writing should be easy to follow and be logical. The structure of your work should be as follows:

  • Introduction: This is a paragraph introducing the reader to the topic, and should tell them what you aim to discuss during the course of your paper.
  • Main Body: These paragraphs are where you will present your main argument, along with the sources you have compiled. Make sure that the paragraphs have a logical structure, and that your writing is easy to follow.
  • Conclusion: This is a brief summarization of everything you have discussed during the course of your paper.

As you can see, a lot of hard work is required to craft an impressive paper without any major hiccups. You need to be organized and know the best places to visit for the best research material. Following this guide, you should be able to achieve excellent marks in your paper that will greatly impress your professor.

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